The marijuana industry is one of the most profitable industries. This happens as long as there are laws that provide certainty about the activities that may or may not be carried out with this plant. To date, the Mexican legal framework has not been clear about the activities that may or may not be carried out. As a firm we are convinced that the plant and its derivatives generate many more benefits than what is known. It is in our interest to support entrepreneurs in this industry in the implementation of their businesses. As long as more companies are aware of the laws that apply to them and their businesses comply with them, the industry in the country will grow.


Among our success stories, we have obtained permits for self-cultivation and self-consumption with various particularities depending on the needs of each client, as well as authorizations for individuals and companies to import, export and market cannabis products containing 1% or less of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

In addition, we have obtained for our clients the research protocol requested by the applicable regulations so that they can import, study, produce and transform cannabis and obtain cannabis derivatives for medicinal purposes.

Finally, being an industry whose regulation is not yet complete, this allows us to innovate in the sector and propose regulatory schemes to our clients so that they can implement their business models without legal risks.